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Fred Yates
A Life in Colour
16 - 31 October

It's hard to look at Fred Yates' paintings without smiling. His exuberant use of lush, vibrant colours with bold expressive strokes, made with paint often squeezed straight from the tube, bring a sense of gaiety and joy to everyday scenes: the streets of Manchester bustling with his recognisable cast of characters, English beaches with funfairs and Punch and Judy stalls, music halls and dancing girls, the shady lanes of Devon and his overflowing gardens in Cornwall, and finally, his adopted home in Provence with its glorious flowers, woodland and mountain paths, and busy, colourful villages.

Fred Yates Exhibition - paintings for sale

His legacy is a series of paintings that reflect a gentle, warm, mischievous man with a unique talent to capture a way of life, be it in Manchester, France or the West Country - a collection of work that is as fresh, relevant and energetic as the day he created it.