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"An Unflinching Eye"
November 8th - 22nd 2014

Lenkiewicz paintings for sale

Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Painting and sculpture exhibitions are held throughout the year showcasing both established and emerging artists. The Brownston Gallery also works in collaboration with other organizations such as The National Trust, Flete House, Salcombe Yacht Club and The South Sands Hotel, Salcombe.

“Robert O. Lenkiewicz - An Unflinching Eye”
8th - 22nd November

If ever there was an artist who divided opinion, it was Robert Lenkiewicz, one of the original “bad boys”of British art.

This major new exhibition at The Brownston Gallery shows original work featuring the themes of Self Portraits, Painter with Women, Observation of the Theme of the Double, Landscape, Old Age and Still Lifes.

Robert Lenkiewicz – An Unflinching Eye is on show at The Brownston Gallery from 8th to 22nd November. For an invitation to the Private View on Friday 7th November please contact the gallery: 01548 831338 or email art@thebrownstongallery.co.uk

All prices on application, printed catalogue with prices on request.

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Robert Lenkiewicz paintings for saleAnna in Chinese dress

Title: Anna at the House
1992 St Anthony Theme. Portrait of Anna Navas wearing Chinese Dress in the house at Lower Compton.
Medium: oil on board
Size: 61 x 61 cm

Lenkiewicz original for Sale Karen in Red

Title: Lenkiewicz – Karen in red with silver cup.
Portrait of artist model Karen wearing red dress holding cup with Artist's reflection and white cat at her feet.
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 165 x 49 cm

Lenkiewicz portrait for salePainter with Mary

Title: Lenkiewicz – The Painter with Mary.
1988 Project 18 Observations on the Theme of the Double. Self portrait with Mary. Delicate tones.
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 128 x 117 cm

Lenkiwicz portrait for saleStudy of Elvis

Title: Lenkiewicz – Study of “Elvis”
Portrait sketch of local character known as “Elvis” .
Medium: oil on paper
Size:40 x 28 cm

Painting by Lenkiewicz for salePortrait of Moi Wong

Title: Lenkiewicz – The Painter with Moi Wong
Project 18. The Painter with Women. Double portrait of artist with Moi Wong in red dress.
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 183 x 92 cm

Paintings by Lenkiewicz for saleOld Ken sketch

Title: Lenkiewicz – Old Ken.
sketch of local character “Old Ken”
Medium: watercolour.
Size: 38 x 26 cm

Portraits by Lenkiewicz for saleTramp portrait picture

Title: Lenkiewicz – Study of Vagrant in the Studio
Watercolour sketch of local tramp in studio.
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 38 x 28 cm

Lenkiewicz self portrait for saleOriginal painting

Title: Lenkiewicz - Self Portrait, Lower Compton
Self Portrait completed shortly after artist's discharge from hospital and before his death.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 59 x 58 cm

Painter by the lakeLenkiewicz pictures for sale in Devon

Title: Lenkiewicz – The Painter by the Estuary
Project 19 Landscape. Self Portrait while recuperating in South Devon.
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 122 x 92 cm

Robert Lenkiewicz original painting for salePainter with Lindsay

Title: Lenkiewicz - The Painter with Lindsay
1990 Project 18. The Artist with Women. Double portrait with Lindsay Seers in striped top. St Anthony Theme.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 41 x 33 cm

R O Lenkiewicz painting for sale in DevonStudy in Hyde Park

Title: Lenkiewicz - Study Hyde Park watercolour
Project 19 Landscape. Sketch of trees in Hyde Park
Medium: mixed media on board.
Size: 53 x 48 cm

Study of JanineRobert Lenkiewicz portrait for sale

Title: Lenkiewicz - Study of Janine
Portrait of Janine with long flowing hair sitting in armchair wearing brightly patterned shawl
Medium: oil on board
Size: 117 x 24 cm

Karen with Red SwagLenkiewicz female portrait for sale

Title: Lenkiewicz - Study of Karen with Red Swag
Full length portrait of Karen outdoors with large red shawl over her shoulder
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 92 x 61 cm

Lisa asleepLenkiewicz female portraits for sale

Title: Study of Lisa Stokes on her Bed.
Semi nude portrait of Lisa asleep
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 51 x 28 cm

Lisa Stokes in ChairLenkiewicz portrait of Lisa original for sale

Title: Lenkiewicz - Lisa Stokes in armchair
Portrait of artist model Lisa in everday dress sitting in armchair with arms together at wrists.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 89 x 89 cm

Lenkiewicz original paintingMale portait

Title: Lenkiewicz – Study of Man (Old Age)
Sketch of man in studio with notes.
Medium: watercolour.
Size: 38 x 28 cm

Painting by Lenkiewicz for salePainter with Ann Grey

Title: Lenkiewicz – The Painter with Anna Grey
Double portrait with Anna Grey in bright pinks and reds with model in profile.
Medium: oil on board.
Size: 43 x 43 cm

Portrait of a byBuy original Lenkiewicz pictures online

Title: Lenkiewicz - Study of Boy in Camouflage Hat
Portrait of young boy.
Medium: oil on board.
Size: 41 x 30 cm

Born and raised in an affluent part of North London, he set up a studio at “The Loft” in Hampstead where he chose as his subjects the outsiders of society – the down-and-outs, the homeless, the mentally ill, the elderly and the dying. Encouraged to leave the leafy suburbs he moved to Plymouth in the 1960s, becoming part of the fabric of the city. A well known and very recognisable figure, he was often seen on the streets of the Barbican where he had his studio and lodgings. He left his mark not only with his artwork but by his interactions with people from all walks of life, from vagrants to Lord Mayors.

'Lenkiewicz will be remembered as a genuine outsider and radical, consciously at odds with current thinking on ethical and artistic issues. He cared less about the opinion of the art critic than that of the man-in-the-street. His art is generous in its ability to communicate with ordinary people, who are little interested in the more esoteric world of contemporary art; it is democratic and humane but never sentimental. Above all, his paintings reveal people for what they are without moral judgment. If the task of the artist is to show what it was to be alive in a certain time and in a certain place, then the qualities of Robert Lenkiewicz's work will increasingly become clear to future generations.' Francis Mallett - The Lenkiewicz Foundation.

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