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Charles Jamieson MFA PAI PPAI

Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in the mid-seventies and, with two Scholarships, went to TCU in Fort Worth, Texas where he gained his MFA (Master of Fine Arts).  Charles is a well-known Scottish painter whose work is in many collections including Ernst & Young, The Prudential, The Kuwaiti Royal Family, and in the private collections of Harry Enfield, John Le Carre and Keeley Hawes.  He travels extensively and exhibits regularly in London and New York....

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Stormy Day Burgh Island

Charles Jamieson
Stormy Day Burgh Island

Burgh Island

Charles Jamieson
Burgh Island

“I walked into Charlie’s studio on a drizzly Scottish Evening and plunged instantly into warm Mediterranean light.  Colour exploded from the canvases.  Heat shimmered from white sands.  Boats bobbed on seas so exquisitely, gorgeously, impossibly blue that I wanted to leap in immediately.  His buildings blend, his colours bite, his compositions balance in all sorts of artfully constructed way.  His brush smiles as it beguiles, luring us into a calm and luminous world of his making, where everything is sharp and bold and distilled to its essence.”  Sally Magnusson, writer and broadcaster.

Graduated Glasgow School of Art
Master of Fine Arts TCU, Texas.
Chairman of The Aspect Prize. 
Past President of The Paisley Art Institute.

1999       William Bowie Award
2004        Richmond Hill Gallery Award
2007         Richmond Hill Gallery Award

Solo Exhibitions
1984       Dryden Street Gallery, London
2000       Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, London
2001       Panter and Hall Gallery, London
2003       Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, London
2004       The Richmond Hill Gallery, Richmond, Surrey
2006       Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, London
2007        Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow
2009       The Lennon Gallery, London

2012       The Brownston Gallery, Devon

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