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Anthony Amos (1950-2010)
UNSEEN AND UNSUNG 14 - 29 September 2018

It takes someone very special to take an old rusting hull and turn it into a thing of beauty. And yet that is exactly what the late marine artist Anthony Amos did in his stunning paintings. Drawing on his vast experience of life at sea, working on every kind of boat including fishing trawlers, tankers, tugs and cargo ships, Amos created beautiful paintings that bring to life scenes from a bygone era.

There are women pulling together to haul in a heavy boat, men coaxing horses to launch a lifeboat in the roaring surf, seamen sharing a joke as they mend the ropes, or a donkey waiting patiently while the men unload their cargo. In his hands old working tugs become majestic titans of the sea, tractors on the beach look stylish and elegant, and men's gnarled hands look strong and honest. In his later years he painted huge skies that seem to go on forever, creating a sense of freedom and tranquility.

Amos's work has a unique, raw quality that is rarely seen. Perhaps it is because he preferred to paint with his fingers, a bit of rag and the wrong end of a brush or perhaps it is because he had a natural gift, an insight to a particular way of life, which taps into the nostalgia that lies within us all.

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home on the shore

Home on the Shore

On the French Coast painting for sale

On the French Coast

baotes in the surf

Boats in the Surf



Dartmoor sunset

Dartmoor Sunset

The Skimmers

The Skimmers

Sailing at sunset

Sailing at Sunset

On the French Coast painting for sale

Hedgerow Path

Tractors on the shore

Tractors on the Shore


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