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Doug Eaton

Doug describes the Forest of Dean as the biggest back garden in the world.  And he would be right, his house and studio are literally a stone’s throw from the forest and Doug believes that this special place is certainly the main influence in terms of his work, saying that Doug is passionate about the Forest would be an understatement in the extreme.

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....If you had to categorise Doug’s work you would have to say he is a landscape painter, he describes his own work as “suggestions” and “hints” that “say something about a landscape.  However, when you examine the work more closely the image almost disappears; the thing is not to give every last detail, for example, what the viewer at a glance considers to be a piece of grass in a painting , then inspects more closely to find it is not a piece of grass.. it’s just paint... the trick is not to tell the whole story, let the viewer participate by making their own interpretation, somehow it makes the painting more real; a  little bit of the painting will always belong to them.”

Doug was born in the vicinity of the Forest and the magic of the place never fades, in his own words “it’s a proper forest, it’s not just a seductive pictorial place, where tourists can wander where they wish, without being contained by fences and footpaths, people earn a living from it and have done for centuries, yes it is beautiful but it can be raw and dangerous.


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