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Elizabeth Westcott

'I'm inspired by the beauty of flowers, fields, trees and hedgerows. I love looking at gardens, vases of flowers, and drifts of flowers in the wild. My paintings depict colourful flowers, tumbling across fields in joyful profusion, and splashes of greenery on golden sand-dunes, rolling down to deep aqua seas. For my paintings I use ‘Ara’ acrylic paint, on canvas. Good quality art-materials are important to me, for the best overall effect, and durability of my art. I use an impressionistic style, with impasto techniques, and wet-on-wet, to give free, textured effects. I sometimes like to embellish with glints of gold- or silver-leaf. '...

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....I come from a family of artists, illustrators, and designers. Many of my ancestors were silk-weavers, who worked with beautiful colours and textiles, in the silk factories of Cheshire. I studied Art at Cheltenham College, and now live near Abergavenny, South Wales. After several years working in a medical career, I took the brave step of switching to a vocation more enjoyable, and more suited to me. My existing organisational skills, communication, and self-motivation skills help me to take a professional approach to the work that I do. Recently I’ve been fortunate to study under the guidance of some of the UK’s most successful contemporary artists, including Sally Stafford, Jantien Powell, and Soraya French. For the past three years, my paintings have been regularly exhibited at galleries in South Wales and Devon. I also take commissions. At home I’m a single mum, with two adorable boys, who have boundless energy, and who always keep me on my toes.

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