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Emma Carter

‘I love big stormy seas, wild winds and the raw coastline of the southwest. I like islands too, especially Burgh Island where I can come home to. I never tire of this region’s rich inspiration. I like empty beaches where I can swim on hot sunny English days, and big wide skies that offer up a myriad of colours. I like tides coming in and watching tides going out. I dream, I think, I paint. I paint what I love. I try to translate that free spirited essence that I think we all crave from time to time’.

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Emma Carter is an award winning artist with a successful career spanning twenty years. Brought up on Burgh Island she is inspired by the oceans and the Southwest coastline that remind her of home. Her expressive and emotive work has earned her loyal collectors on home and foreign shores. In recent years Emma was chosen to represent the Southwest in a commission for the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and has since shown in prestigious galleries locally and regionally.

Original paintings by Emma Carter for Sale