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Derek Holland
a restless beauty

19th June to 4th July 2015

Derek Holland Exhibition

Hand Made Jewellery from Devon

Our bespoke jewelers use the finest natural materials to create their highly individual pieces. Using silver, gold and semi-precious stones each stunning piece is totally unique and collectible.

Liz Willis

Hand made Jewellery by Liz Willis, details to follow...

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Helen Butler

Details to follow...






ROKZ – Tessa Sambrook

ROKZ necklaces are statement pieces which appeal to women who appreciate jewellery that is individual and unique.  Designed by Tessa Sambrook these stunning necklaces are created from beautiful gems and semi-precious stones which Tessa has sourced from all over the world.  Her uncanny sense of style and her knowledge of her craft ensures that each piece is unusual, individual and unique.

The ROKZ collection is a stunning array of high quality stones - obsidian, rock crystal, lapis, aquamarine, garnet, tourmaline and every kind of quartz and agate you can think of - all finished off with a solid silver clasp which completes a piece of jewellery to be treasured.

Volcanic Green NecklaceHand made Jewellery Tessa Sambrook

Title: Volcanic Necklace.
Striking necklace of dark volcanic glass with contrasting pieces of lime green quartz with silver hexagonal spacers and silver bar and circle clasp.
Medium: Obsidian & Chrysoprase.
Size: 46cm
Price: £280.00

Hand Made Necklace by RokzLemon Agate Necklace

Title: Lemon Agate Necklace.
Pretty necklace of regular yellow, white, black and grey spheres, with milky white tubes and silver bar and circle clasp.
Size: 46cm
Price: £135.00

Slate Shard NecklaceRokz hand made Jewellery

Title: Slate Shard Necklace.
Statement necklace with pendant of shard of slate with sparkling lava crystals in string of palest green beads and silver magnetic clasp.
Medium: Pyrites in Slate & Chrysoprase
Size: 43cm
Price: £320.00

Aquamarine NecklaceSambrook handmade jewellery

Title: Aquamarine and Crystal Necklace.
stunning necklace of graduated milky blue spheres interspersed with natural crystals with magnetic silver clasp.
Medium: Aquamarine & Rock Crystal
Size: 60cm
Price: £575.00

Garnet NecklaceHand made Jewelry

Title: Garnet Necklace.
Very pretty necklace of graduated dark brown gemstones with silver nugget, crystal beads and magnetic silver clasp.
Medium: Garnet, Tourmaline, Crystal.
Size: 46cm
Price: £195.00

Labradorite Crystal NecklaceRoks Jewelry

Title: Labradorite and Crystal Necklace.
Absolutely beautiful necklace of pure natural crystals with pendant and collar bead of stunning bluish green labradorite, silver bar and circle clasp.
Medium: Rock Crystal, Labradorite & Crystal.
Size: 50cm
Price: £250.00

Emerald Green NecklaceTessa Sambrook hand made Jewelry

Title: Emerald Green Necklace.
Delicate necklace of plae green and purple stones with crystal beads, silver triangles and silver magnetic clasp.
Medium: Prehnite, Fluorite & Crystal
Size: 46cm
Price: £250.00

Sixties style necklace60s style hand made Jewellery

Title: Sixties Style Necklace.
Sixties style necklace of various shapes with eye catching mix of natural stones, lava and wood with black beads and silver spacers, silver bar and circle clasp.
Medium: Wood, onyx, lava, agate.
Size: 60cm
Price: £198.00

Rutl quartzHand made

Title: Rutil Quartz Necklace.
Unusual necklace of smoky browns and grey stones with natural crystal beads and formed quartz snail as pendant, with silver hook clasp.
Medium: Rutil Quartz, Crystal & Snail.
Size: 46cm
Price: £240.00

Lapis NecklaceHand crafted by Rokz

Title: Lapis Necklace.
Statement necklace of vibrant blue and pale green natural gemstones with silver bead spacers and silver bar and circle clasp.
Medium: Lapis & Chrysoprase.
Size: 46cm
Price: £295.00


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