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Derek Holland
a restless beauty

19th June to 4th July 2015

Derek Holland Exhibition

James Naughton

"James Naughton was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1971, and apart from his three college years in Leeds and a short spell in America, he has never left. It is from this large provincial northern English industrial town that he began what was to become a most extraordinary career as one of Britain's most accomplished and sought after landscape painters of extraordinary vision and originality. ."

James Naughton Arist

Title: Rain Filled Cloud.
Dark brooding sky over beautiful landscape of green fields.
Medium: oil on board
Size: 29 x 19cm
Price: SOLD

Artist James NaughtonTrailing Cloud

Title: Trailing cloud.
Moving wisps of cloud and patch of blue over stunning landscape.
Medium: oil on board
Size: 15 x 18cm
Price: SOLD

Original art work by James NaughtonTwo Clouds Merge

Title: Two Clouds Merge.
Breathtaking landscape with vast turneresque skies.
Medium: oil on board
Size: 58 x 78cm
Price: SOLD

As relief from manual work his father would often walk in the countryside around the town with the young James at his side, and these early experiences instilled a passion for the moors and valleys which were to become the subject of so many of his paintings in later life.

Naughton first attended Bolton Institute of Higher Education to do his Foundation Studies in Art and Design and then was accepted to Metropolitan University in Leeds where he achieved a first class honours degree. Under the guidance of tutors, Phil Redford and Jack Chesterman, Naughton concentrated on drawing and printmaking which led to the production of illustrated ‘fine art’ books and boxed suites of prints, still in the figurative idiom.

The monoprint of all the many printmaking techniques really caught James’ imagination. Monoprints are made by drawing with printing inks directly onto a flat smooth surface, normally glass. The inks are thick and tacky but can be let down with spirit to make them flow more easily. Thus the artist is able to create areas of dark or areas of tone depending on how thick or thin the ink is. Monoprints are often characterised by freedom and spontaneity in the mark making. Drawing is often done with the fingers or rags, or with either end of a brush. This process taught Naughton one very significant lesson, that good work does not necessarily have to come out of protracted labour. Hitherto he had spent time in crafting his imagery in a much more meticulous manner and he saw virtue in labour almost for its own sake. At the back of his mind was the idea that if something hadn’t taken a long time to make it couldn’t be very good. So it was, through monoprinting, that Naughton came to enjoy speed and learned to trust to a more gestural approach to image making that wasn’t so time orientated.

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