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Derek Holland
a restless beauty

19th June to 4th July 2015

Derek Holland Exhibition

Jane Cope

A Devon-based artist, living and working in Exeter. 'As a book illustrator for many years the narrative picture is home ground for me and so is text. So it's not surprising that after a brief foray into abstraction many of my paintings return to this familiar territory.'

Artist Jane CopeApple Picking

Title: Applepicking
Gorgeous plump geese with farmer in orchard.
Medium: mixed media on canvas
Size: 60 x 60cm
Price: £750.00

Alt Times PastOriginal painting of wrecked ships

Title: Times Past.
Heritage boats at low tide with church in background.
Medium: mixed media on canvas
Size: 50 x 40cm
Price: £650.00

'Much of my work is oil and mixed media on canvas, and I often use newsprint rather like under-painting. It creates texture and a layer of meaning, sometimes random, sometimes deliberately chosen, that peeps through the picture we see on the surface. I see layers, ambiguity, metamorphosis, the bendy perspective as all a familiar part of our uncertain world – and a source of humour too.'

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