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Jerry Browning - About the Artist

Born into a naval family - both his father and grandfather served in the Royal Navy - Jerry Browning nevertheless showed an early aptitude in drawing and painting. This was encouraged by his artist mother and Browning left school as soon as he could to go to art college. He has been painting full time ever since....

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He studied at Portsmouth, Exeter and Reading and worked alongside English contemporary abstract painters including Patrick Proctor, Bert Irvin, Adrian Heath and Gillian Ayres and of course Patrick Heron and Sir Terry Frost who awarded him his degrees in Fine Art. He was a founder member of Spacex Studios in Exeter and helped to convert the old warehouse into art studios and a gallery. He became immersed in American Abstract Expressionsim, fostered when he visited his parents who were then living in Washington DC, and this was further nurtured when he moved to Cornwall and encountered the American influence on the English artists of St Ives. He has followed his own path and has evolved into a mature, instinctive painter.

Browning has exhibited regularly in St Ives (though does not consider himself to be a St Ives painter), London, New York, Ireland and Morocco where he has lived for many years. His paintings are held in many private collections around the world, most notably the House of Hermes.

Browning's Influences are John Hoyland,and Henri Matisse as well as the American Abstract Expressionists, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko , Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline.

He was born in Dorset in 1954 and educated at Dauntsey School, Wilstshire.

1971-1973 Portsmouth College of Art
1973-1976 Exeter College of Art ; graduated BA Hons 1st Class (awarded by Patrick Heron)
1976-1980 Founder Member, Spacex Studios, Exeter
1980-1982 Reading University; graduated MA Fine Art (awarded by Terry Frost)
1982-1983 Founder Member, Prospect Nine Painters; studio in Greenwich, London
1983-1996 Moved to Cornwall where he painted full time
1996-2000 Moved to Tangiers, Morocco (following in the footsteps of Francis Bacon) - where he painted in a large studio looking over to Gibraltar and Southern Spain.
2000 - returned to England, settling in Herefordshire and has been painting in his studio ever since.

Solo Shows:

2019 The Brownston Gallery
2018 The Brownston Gallery
2017 The Brownston Gallery
2016 The Brownston Gallery
2015 The Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon
2014 The Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon
2003 Lawrence-Arnott Gallery, Tangier
2001 Lawrence-Arnott Gallery, Tangier
1999 Tanjah Flandria Gallery, Tangier
1998 Cervantes Institute, Tangier
1998 Cyber Space Gallery, Casablanca
1998 Tanjah Flandria Gallery, Tangier
1996 Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath
1992 Salt House Gallery, St Ives
1990 Lavitts Quay Gallery, Cork
1988 Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1984 Dunheved Gallery, Launceston, Cornwall
1983 Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1981 Hexagon, Reading
1979 Exe Gallery, Exeter
1978 Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1977 Dunheved Gallery, Launceston, Cornwall

Selected Group Shows
2015 Penwith Gallery, St Ives
2005 Lawrence-Arnott Gallery, Marrakech
2002 Eton Art Gallery
2001 St David'd Art Gallery
1996 Winchester Art Gallery
1995 Gordon Hepworth Gallery
1994 Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1992 Bess Cutler Gallery New York; Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives; Salt House Gallery, St Ives
1991 Bess Cutler Gallery, New York; Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives
1990 Lavitts Quay Gallery, Cork
1989 West Cork Arts Centre
1986 Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1985 Penwith Gallery, St Ives
1983 Hexagon Gallery, Reading; Seven Dials Gallery, London
1982 Turville Gallery,Rennes France; Exe Gallery Exeter; Edinburgh Festival
1981 Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1980 Hexagon Gallery, Reading; Cheltenham Museum; Gloucester Museum
1979 Exe Gallery, Reading
1978 Turville Gallery, Rennes, France; Datchet Gallery, Windsor; Spacex Gallery, Exeter
1977 Space Gallery, Dundee Museum & Art Gallery; Cheltenham Museum & Art Gallery; Taunton College Gallery

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