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Joanna Vollers

Joanna has lived in East Devon for over 30 years. She spent her formative years in Australia from which her love of colour and light originates. Her father was an talented watercolourist who exhibited both in Australia and in the UK. She grew up in a musical and artistic family but only came to painting in her 50s.


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She has exhibited in Devon, Hampshire and London and is an Associate of the South West Academy. She paints in oil and acrylic. She is keen to explore and experiment in her quest to learn the 'language of art'. Her artistic development has been guided by various teachers including Robin Child. Many of her paintings sit between figurative and abstraction, colours and how they intereact with each other being so important. 'The painting grows with its own personality to meet the creative thought, else the result will be devoid of life' - a quote from Ivon Hitchens

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