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Derek Holland
a restless beauty

19th June to 4th July 2015

Derek Holland Exhibition

Richard Shimell Fine Art Prints

Richard’s work is inspired by the trees and fields which surround his home at the foot of Dartmoor. He walks a lot on the moors and in the surrounding woods and is attracted to the forms and colours he finds there. He is particularly drawn to mature specimen trees in fields, woods and those that line the Devon lanes. He enjoys becoming immersed in the patterns made by their branches. Richard is a member of the Dartington Printmakers’ Workshop and exhibits there regularly....

Richard Shimell lino cut printsFine art print - Oak on the Dart

Title: Oak near the River Dart.
Edition of 50.  Handsome oak with tangled branches on a gentle slope.
Medium: hand-printed linocut on somerset paper.
Size: 28 x 38 cm
Price: £115.00 or £160.00 framed.

Original fine art print by Richard ShimellMajestic Oak near Dartington

Title: Majestic Pine Dartington
Edition of 30. Magnificent pine with elegant branches on the brow of a hill.
Medium: hand-printed linocut on somerset paper
Size: 32 x 35 cm
Price: £130.00 or £180.00 framed

Richard Shimell lino cut printsFine art print - Branch Horizon

Title: Branch Horizon
Edition of 30. Heavy branch hanging low over a distant horizon
Medium: hand-printed linocut on somerset paper
Size: 20 x 25 cm
Price: £90.00 or £135.00 framed

Six Oaks on the DartShimell lino print

Title: Six Oaks Dartington
Edition of 40. Row of tall English oak trees, gently entwined, on the banks of the River Dart
Medium: hand-printed linocut on somerset paper
Size: 40 x 50 cm
Price: £160.00 or £210.00 framed

How these original fine prints are made

Richard’s kind of relief printmaking is very intricate and complex. He starts off by drawing the image on lino then carves everything else away. This is extremely time-consuming and demands supreme patience and concentration. Once the carving is done, he then uses a large roller to coat the cut lino with printing ink. This is then passed through the press with heavy printmaking paper on top. The image which emerges is the reverse of the carved image. To add a background colour or landscape to the image he cuts another piece of lino to the same size, carves it or leaves it un-carved, then inks each piece with his chosen colour, and prints each one after the other on the same piece of paper. Despite such a complex process, the resulting work is often stunning in its simplicity.

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