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Robert O. Lenkiewicz

Born and raised in an affluent part of North London, he set up a studio at “The Loft” in Hampstead where he chose as his subjects the outsiders of society – the down-and-outs, the homeless, the mentally ill, the elderly and the dying....

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...Encouraged to leave the leafy suburbs he moved to Plymouth in the 1960s, becoming part of the fabric of the city. A well known and very recognizable figure, he was often seen on the streets of the Barbican where he had his studio and lodgings. He left his mark not only with his artwork but by his interactions with people from all walks of life, from vagrants to Lord Mayors.

'Lenkiewicz will be remembered as a genuine outsider and radical, consciously at odds with current thinking on ethical and artistic issues. He cared less about the opinion of the art critic than that of the man-in-the-street. His art is generous in its ability to communicate with ordinary people, who are little interested in the more esoteric world of contemporary art; it is democratic and humane but never sentimental. Above all, his paintings reveal people for what they are without moral judgment. If the task of the artist is to show what it was to be alive in a certain time and in a certain place, then the qualities of Robert Lenkiewicz's work will increasingly become clear to future generations.' Francis Mallett - The Lenkiewicz Foundation.

Original paintings by Robert Lenkiewicz for sale