Contemporary Fine art Gallery in South Devon

Charlie O' Sullivan

I have always been inspired by the colour and texture of both landscapes and objects. As a child I drove my family to distraction with the contents of my pockets - collections found and used for spontaneous exhibitions at the dinner table or on my bedroom window sill. I still remain true to this tradition yet use paint to fuse both memories and experience, which are suspended within the painted layers....

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....Continuing to hoard the unusual from old teapots to rusty keys, these all play a part as props in my work either borrowing their history or lending their form, a spark for my imagination. I have followed a fairly traditional path; degree, job, marriage, children, teaching, and post grad. At 41 its now time to move forward with my own work; to take risks, allow time for contemplation, be bold and to return making those window sill exhibitions that I got so much pleasure from as a child. "I try to depict a specific experience with high texture, multilayers of paint and words hidden or reworked often by sanding and scratching as I drive to express the concept in my mind though always, as with life, expecting things to change along the way"


Charlie O'Sullivan

Acamedician South West Academy Awards/ Commissions 3 private commisions London * Freelance Illustrator BBC and Channel 4 * Ivybridge Library Mural for children's reading room * Dame Hannah Rogers mural and sensory signs * Permanent display at both Exeter and Plymouth Hospitals * NSEAD Commission * Nat West Bank Travel Scholarship to Vienna * Nat West Bank Travel Scholarship to Barcelona.