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Teresa Pemberton

'My work is rooted in the nature of landscape and the constructs within it: boundaries of estuary, field or shore, still life objects or environmental effects.  In responding to places and ideas my dialogue with colour, surface, texture and text enable me to explore beyond the visible and deal with memory and experience, conversation and life; the resulting paintings are more of an emotional sense of where I have been than a topographical representation.'

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The paintings have their origins in real places (the Lynher and Tamar estuaries, Cornwall coast paths, the Isles of Scilly, Dartmoor and occasionally places farther afield such as India.) My work is underpinned by observational drawings: a small sketchbook accompanies me on walks. The marks I make stay with me, and some may appear in paintings: they act as reminders rather than blueprints. The cross-overs of textures and colours are expressed in vibrant mixes of oil paint. Both subtle and explosive combinations of colour excite me.

The Scottish colourists, the St Ives School and the Fauves have all influenced me. My most recent work explores the surface waters of ponds: the mysteries of the dark and deep and the contrasting lightness of floating and reflection. I am to be found working in the “in between” - in the dichotomy of scale, both small and huge canvases, of abstraction and representation, of the decorative and the expressive, of landscape and still life. Every painting is in that sense a journey without a premeditated end.

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