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Derek Holland
a restless beauty

19th June to 4th July 2015

Derek Holland Exhibition

Xiao Bai Li

“Art can transcend many barriers and I feel that by painting people I am able to portray their lives and create a deeper understanding, whilst giving people a chance to show their situation in society and share how they feel connected to it.” Xiao Bai Li.

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Xaio Bai Li artistOriginal painting of Noss Mayo

Title: Bai Li - Noss Mayo Calm Reflections.
Yachts moored in beautiful creek stillwater.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 43 x 37cm
Price: £950.00

Artist Xaio Bai LiNoss Mayo River Yealm painting

Title: Noss Mayo Peaceful Mooring.
Woodland riverbank with yachts at anchor.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 67 x 48cm
Price: £1150.00

Tor on DartmoorXaio Bai Li original art

Title: Tor on Dartmoor.
Dramatic landmark on snow covered wild moorland.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 46 x 66cm.
Price: £900.00

Queit River - Noss MayoBai Li painting

Title: Quiet River.
Yachts at anchor in Noss Mayo creek.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 58 x 65cm
Price: SOLD

Newton Ferrers paintingLi original painting

Title: Newton Ferrers in Autumn.
Autumnal colours in the woods on the creek bank.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 46 x 66cm
Price: SOLD

Dartmoor StreamOriginal painting

Title: Dartmoor Stream.
Atmospheric glacial stream running down from the winter moor.
Medium: mixed media on rice paper.
Size: 00 x 00cm
Price: £900.00

Xiao Bai was born in Nanjing, The People’s Republic of China on 23rd October,1957 (Year of the rooster) His schooling crossed a ten year period during the Cultural Revolution. In 1981 he went to Nanjing College of Art to complete a BA-Fine Art and then went to Nanjing Aeronautical University where he worked as an Art Lecturer for 8 years, prior to coming to England in 1993 where he settled in Plymouth, Devon.

Since then he has been working as a professional artist in the West Country and his resume includes many solo and mixed art exhibitions, both local and national. He also teaches “Traditional Chinese Art” and is especially recognized for his portrait paintings of Chinese people of all walks of life, providing a unique insight to the Chinese way of life.

Xiao Bai has focused his art on the subject of People, and his technique is to meet and closely observe people in their familiar place. Portraits of people in their home or place of work are a subject of abiding interest and this translates to work that he has done both in his homeland of China and in the United Kingdom.

His work conveys a picture of real life in whatever place he has been working at the time. Especially for The Brownston Gallery, Xiao Bai has painted a series of images of the Dartmoor hills and the creeks around Noss Mayo. His paintings exude a sense of calm and peace and his brushwork is very essentially Chinese in craft and execution.

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